Tool Review: Storiiies

Storiiies is a tool developed by Cogapp, a UK-based digital agency, that allows user to annotate images to create interactive stories. It is free, web-based, and extremely easy to use. As the name suggests, it is based on the IIIF standards, however users do not need to be familiar with the standard to use the tool. Although those who do use IIIF can use the data that is created for other uses.

“Embodied Data Visualizations” at DH Unbound 2022

On May 17 I gave a presentation “Embodied Data Visualizations: Integrating Crafting into Digital Humanities” at DH Unbound. This post is adapted from the talk – however since I used notes and not a script it may not exactly match. If you’ve been reading all of my updates here some of this might be repetitive,Continue reading ““Embodied Data Visualizations” at DH Unbound 2022″

Native Land: Connecting Virtual Attendees to Physical Spaces

“I am calling in from Lenapehoking, the occupied ancestral lands of the Lenape upon which I am a settler. I invite you to learn more about the lands you are on using the link I am posting in the chat…” I have heard, and recited, variations of this message countless times over the past 18Continue reading “Native Land: Connecting Virtual Attendees to Physical Spaces”