Embodied Data: A Reading List

Because of my research into embodied data, I have been hoarding readings on physical data visualizations. In the interests of making it more shareable I will also maintain it here! I am always looking for more materials, so if you know of something I am missing (or if you wrote something I should be aware of) please reach out. I would love to read it.

While I am grouping this under the term ’embodied data’ it also covers:

  • Physical data visualiztions
  • Crafted data visualizations
  • Data materialization


I hope to continue to add to this and I will note here when the most recent update was made.

9/30 – Updated a few broken/changed links!
10/13 – Added Borsi, Varga, and Korompai 2022
11/18 – Added Meech 2022


Berger, Claudia. “‘Embodied Data Visualizations’ at DH Unbound 2022.” Claudia Berger (blog), May 31, 2022. https://claudiaeberger.com/2022/05/31/embodied-data-visualizations-at-dh-unbound-2022/.

bettinanissen. “Crypto-Knitting Circles.” Data Things (blog), June 4, 2020. http://data-things.com/crypto-knitting-circles/.

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———. “Fashioning Circuits | Labs & Studios.” ATEC at UT Dallas (blog). Accessed January 11, 2022. https://atec.utdallas.edu/content/fashioning-circuits/.

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Nithya Subramanian. “I’ve Been Working on an Embroidered Data Visualisation of the Plastic Waste That Washes up on Beaches around the World. Those Gray Kantha Stitches? Each One Is a Cigarette Butt Found along 10 Km of Beach in Germany. #WIP #dataviz Https://T.Co/Zayo7n3UCl.” Tweet. @nithya_sub (blog), June 16, 2021. https://twitter.com/nithya_sub/status/1405003457115820034.

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