Tool Review: Hypothesis

Hypothesis is an open source web-annotation tool that allows users to annotate webpages, PDFs, and other online documents either privately, in groups, or publicly. It is currently operated by anno and in August 2022 ITHAKA invested in the tool. As of September 2022 Hypothesis had been used to generate over 40 million annotations.

Rather than a tool to be used to create digital projects, Hypothesis is primarily a digital pedagogy tool. It allows for social reading of texts. For example you could have your students read and annotate one of their assigned readings in a private Hypothesis group for your class, which would allow them to reply to each other’s annotations, and learn from each other and be in conversation with one another outside of class.

Tool Review: Prusa i3 MK3S+

In some ways this review is less about one specific tool and more about a collection of tools or even more about a method, 3D printing. This is in part because of how many tools are required to make a 3D print and because while my library has a Prusa i3 MK3S+ my review probably could apply to a variety of 3D printers.

Tool Review: Storiiies

Storiiies is a tool developed by Cogapp, a UK-based digital agency, that allows user to annotate images to create interactive stories. It is free, web-based, and extremely easy to use. As the name suggests, it is based on the IIIF standards, however users do not need to be familiar with the standard to use the tool. Although those who do use IIIF can use the data that is created for other uses.